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Stop Smoking with help from NicoBloc.

Over 50% of smokers that took the NicoBloc Challenge in the Workplace did!

NOW - after many years of research and development, the NicoBloc Challenge is available to all smokers.

While it may be your first time to give up smoking or you may have tried and failed many times before.  The key to success is about taking many small steps in the right direction rather than giant strides in the dark.

Using the right tools, the task is much more achievable

With the NicoBloc Challenge the most helpful tool is the NicoBloc fluid, which when applied to a filter tip, retains progressive amounts of nicotine inside the filter supporting a gradual reduction in cigarettes smoked.  NicoBloc also traps cigarette tar, the cause of many tobacco related illnesses.

For many smokers success is quitting for good.  For others it is about cutting down to just the 2 or 3 cigarettes a day that they enjoy.  For others still, the important result is the reduction in health risk through removing dangerous amounts of tobacco tar from the smoke.

How to use NicoBloc

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