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So why do smokers find it so difficult to give up smokeing?

Making the decision to give up smoking isn't easy and it is even harder to put it into practice. So, only smokers with great willpower manage to beat the habit without any kind of help.

Statistics show that every year about 70% of the smokers want to give up, but, sadly, less than 5% actually do. In general, it takes 3 or 4 attempts to achieve it permanently*.

This is because cigarettes create both a physical dependence (on nicotine) and a behavioral (or habit-based) dependence.

Until now, the various methods for giving up smoking only contributed towards overcoming the physical dependence by administering anti-depressive treatments, or by replacing the nicotine inputs by patches or chewing gum.

Even a major nicotine gum manufacturer is now recognising this fact by telling smokers that if they want to give up they should cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke at the same time as using their product - they suggest that it can take anything up to 9 months to stop!

Overcoming this behavioral dependence connected with the physical act of smoking is an important part of kicking the "Habit" that's why NicoBloc is so successful in helping smokers to stop. Thousands of smokers have stopped within 6 weeks using this gradual reduction programme.

We all know that know that the "habit" of smoking is associated with a whole series of rituals that cannot be easily abandoned overnight, which makes getting help with the willpower to stop smoking even more important.

So now you have some more questions about how to quit smoking - that need answers - don't you?

Well, all of these questions will be answered as you continue your journey through this website - and you will find yourself on the road to becoming a healthy Non-Smoker today.

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